Objective of the Game

To have all members of your team finish your beers before the opposing team.

General Game Play

Similar to beer pong this game is played on a long table. Each side places at least two beer cans or bottles on their side.

Each player on a team gets to throw a ball (ping pong) at the other side. If the ball hits the can the player that made the throw chugs their beer until the other team can touch the ball back to the table. Once that ball has touched the table the beer drinking must immediately stop.

First team to finish all the beers on their side wins. While the game is usually played with four players, two on each side, the number of players doesn't really change the rules any.

Video of Game Play

History of the Card Game

The game of Beer Ball has become the a popular ping pong ball based college drinking game. This game is similar to a fast paced game of beer pong with hitting objects instead of the inside of cups.

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